Church Cancellation Policy:

If church service or any church event is canceled due to bad weather or
other reasons, the cancellation will be posted on the church facebook page
and the website ( ) as soon as possible. (Church service
cancellation notice will usually occur by 7 am or shortly after)

An email will also be sent to congregation members, who have their email
address listed with the church office, notifying them of the cancellation.

( Please contact the church office to include your email address or ensure
your email address is already included )

This system will notify most of the congregation members of cancellations.
(It will be much timelier than waiting for the long scrolling list on TV

For those of you congregation members who don't have an email address
or computer:

Designated people will contact members who wish to be contacted by

( Please contact the church office if you prefer to be contacted by phone to
ensure your name is on the Phone Contact List. )

We'll also continue to contact the local radio stations with cancellations.

Greeters, Liturgist, Acolytes, Pianist, Special Music, and other people
directly involved in the service will be contacted by phone, as well as email
as soon as possible.   
Delhi United Methodist Church