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Most children's stories start with "Once upon a time."
However, for many children the story doesn't end with "happily ever after."
That is because they don't have the same opportunities that other children have to grow up in a household with books.

Did you know that over two thirds of children living in poverty in America have no books at home?
We know there are  local children who don't have the simple luxury of owning even one book.
To us this is simply unacceptable!

For a child, reading is critical to the foundation of all future learning.  Children learn to read through 3rd grade, and by
4th grade, they read to learn. Without gaining the necessary skills that reading provides during their early years, starting
and staying behind in school can be inevitable result.

YOU can help us CHANGE A CHILD'S STORY by donating $5 today!

A donation of $5 provides books for a child in need.  Give our local children in need a chance to develop a love of
reading, a love of learning and an opportunity at a happily ever after!

The Delhi United Methodist Church, together with our community partners, tackles community problems by identifying
the most pressing issues, setting goals, collaborating with appropriate partners and measuring results to ensure the
greatest impact is achieved with your donations.

Donate Now:  
$5 ~ $10 ~ $25 or More
Methods of giving:

In-Person at Delhi United Methodist Church Office 304 Market Street Delhi, Iowa

Mail-In ~ Please send a check made out to: Delhi UMC ~ Childs Story


Anyone wishing to donate gently used books to our program can call Jane Mesch, 563-920-4916,
or drop books off at the Delhi United Methodist Church during office hours, or drop books off at the Delhi Public Library.  

Donations of any kind are greatly appreciated!