Our Church History
Jerry Pitcher ~ Church Historian

1852:  A Methodist Society was Organized; Followed by a Sunday School
Rev. George Gifford conducted services that were held in the Original
Delaware County Court House Located in Delhi by Silver Lake.

Today the property where the original court house stood is 201 Lake St.
Owned by Delhi United Methodist Church Members  Brendon & Michelle Porter
Delhi United Methodist Church

1852: A Methodist Society was organized; followed by a Sunday school; Services were held
in the Court House down by Silver Lake by Rev. George Gifford.

The picture of the log cabin above is similar to what the original court house by Silver
Lake may have looked like, but you will have to picture it in your mind without the roof!

                                            Ok, it looked something like this!!

Delaware's first county seat was located in Delhi.
There the citizens built an 18 by 24 foot two-story log cabin.
The cabin lacked some finishing touches, including a roof
and jurors had to enter the second story jury room with a ladder.

The county commissioners resolved, in 1850, to build a new courthouse.

Since no contractor could be found to build it, the settlers used their
own hand saws and axes and completed the new courthouse and jail in 1853.

The new court house was built on the northeast corner
of the lot where the Delhi Legion building is now located