Delhi United Methodist Church
Remodeling Project
The 2 pictures below show the altar facing east.
The altar was about where the sliding glass doors
are between the sanctuary and the fellowship hall
The picture above ( on the right ) shows where the choir sat.
If you enlarge the picture you can see the round wood
railing that the choir sat behind. It was very impressive!

Also the door you see behind the choir seats
leads into what is now the fellowship hall
The picture below ( on the left ) shows the balcony and the "cry room"

The "cry room" located below the balcony was an enclosed area with a
glass window and speakers installed so the worship service could be heard

It was at the back of the sanctuary so small children
wouldn't disturb the worship service.

The Jebens & Pitchers spent a lot of time in this room!
I guess kids weren't as good back then as kids are today!
The picture above ( on the right ) shows the opening
for the stained glass window on the north side of the sanctuary

Notice the round window above ~ It is no longer there
Sunday Worship Service being held in the uncompleted sanctuary

Notice the folding chairs