2013 Delhi United Methodist Church Standing Rules

A.        Use of the church and/or kitchen equipment for meetings, recitals, or other    
non-church related functions:

1.        Any use of the church building shall be cleared through the Pastor or the
church Administrative Assistant, who will notify the Custodian and put the event on
the church calendar.

2.        A donation of $1.00 a head would be suggested from outside groups and non-
sponsored church groups using the church.  A $50 fee will be charged if custodial
services are required.  Exceptions may be granted by the Pastor or Administrative
Council Chair.

3.        All groups and individuals using the church facilities and/or kitchen are
responsible for leaving it clean and in order.  Please take all garbage to the dumpster
near the alley behind the church.

4.        Report to the Custodian, Administrative Assistant or Pastor anything that is
not working properly.

5.        The glass snack trays, good silver, tables and chairs shall NOT be taken from
the church.

6.        The punch bowl was put in the church by Bertha Swinburne to be used jointly
by the church, American Legion Auxiliary and the Delhi Woman’s Club.

7.        All groups using the church must turn off all lights before leaving.

8.        No birdseed or rice shall be distributed inside the premises.

9.        No smoking or liquor is allowed in the church or on church property.

B.        Funerals

1.        A custodial fee of $75 will be charged if the visitation and funeral are held at
the church or a fee of $50 if only the funeral is held at the church.

2.        If a lunch/dinner is to be served for the bereaved family, it will be served by the
ladies of the church with the Nurture and Outreach Committee of the United
Methodist Women in charge.  The meat, bread and butter, and beverages are to be
furnished by the bereaved family, if possible.  A typical donation would be $1.00 per
plate, made to the United Methodist Women.

C.        Weddings / Anniversaries /  Dinners / Receptions

1.        If church groups are to serve, all arrangements must be made through the
Pastor and the United Methodist Women’s President, and/or the Nurture and
Outreach Committee.

2.        Food for the reception or dinner is to be furnished by the family / group

3.        No charge is made for serving, but a donation to the United Methodist Women
would be appreciated.

4.        There will be a custodial fee of $50 charged.  If the church basement is used
for a reception the church should be left the way it was found.

5.        No birdseed or rice shall be distributed inside the premises.

6.        The Pastor’s honorarium is paid directly to the Pastor and discussed during
the premarital sessions.